Day 1 of Copenhagen

So today was a big one. Having spent the past week with some people from home (I like to call them sud buds) I have felt much better about leaving uni. Spending time with old friends makes you realise that while things move on you can still hold onto the good stuff.

Enough of the deep thoughts though. Today I got a flight all by myself and I landed in Copenhagen. Despite the security misplacing my boarding pass and the waiting for the flight it was generally a good experience. When I got to Copenhagen it was kind of strange. All airports look the same. However, when the Danish words started appearing I kept thinking to myself “bloody hell I’m actually here!” The airport was long but I successfully managed to buy a metro ticket and embarrassingly tried to scan it like it was an Oyster card..!

When I got to my train stop I found myself in the city and that was quite exciting. Although, the excitement paused for a while as I found myself lost. I don’t know if I have been more scared genuinely but I was cool and I eventually found my way!

Checked into to the hostel and discovered the best hostel room mates I could have asked for. 2 girls from California, U.S. were friends at college and had both been travelling separately but decided to meet up in Copenhagen. They were so welcoming and warming. They invited me out to walk with them and I got to meet more people as well as familiarise myself a little more… One of the girls told me about these chocolate waffles and so I had one but halfway through a bunch of fireworks started which was quite exciting. Baring in mind I was in the company of 2 Americans on the 4th July, we assumed that was the intention behind the fireworks! 🎉🇺🇸

I mean it wasn’t the most wild night but I couldn’t have asked for better. I don’t feel lonely and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of the city in spite of the fact I don’t really understand kroner! (Seriously I was asked to pay 495 kroner and I just gave her 5 thinking it was 500 or something. The lady gave me a look like she thought I was endearing rather than insane. She then helped me out like I was 7 years old…)

What a day. I think I can only describe this as being very similar to my first day at uni. Terrifying but terribly exciting.


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