Day 2 of Copenhagen

This title aren’t very imaginative but I guess they’re helpful!

Today I woke up at 11am and that’s kind of late but in my defence I’m still on GMT 😉 After having my fulfilling breakfast of a Frosties bar I headed into the heart of Copenhagen. I can’t actually believe the temperature out here because like the pessimistic English person I am about the weather I packed jumpers and a waterproof. None of that was needed

image image image image image

So the heat was already getting to me and I didn’t know where to begin so I bought myself a canal tour ticket and I got to see the beauty of the city. The colourful houses and stunning architecture were amazing. The tour guide was also amusing, she sang Bob Marley and bilingually managed to guide us around Copenhagen. I hate looking like a tourist but I had to take photos because the city is stunning.

After finishing the boat tour I wandered around and found myself in Christiania.

Oh my god.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. It was like nowhere I had seen before and what a contrast to the streets around it! Just some context for those that don’t know – Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous state in the middle of Copenhagen. Drugs are illegal but that’s not to say that it doesn’t go on. Oh believe me, it goes on. And it wasn’t until I saw it happen right in front of my eyes that I realised how weird I thought the whole thing was. Bizarre. That’s not to say that if that’s how people want to live that’s fine. Just not my cup of tea. I went there, wandered for a minute, used their facilities (that’s the toilet) and left.

Anyway saw a few more sights but the heat was mad and so I headed back to the hostel to chill out with my 327938th bottle of water today.

Got a message from the 2 Californian girls that were in my hostel and I had dinner with them followed by dessert and TEA (my greatest love). I can’t believe how much I can have in common with people who come from the opposite side of the world to me. With main priorities being food and generally being chilled, it’s no wonder that I really like them. AND they even said that when I go to San Francisco in September I should give them a call so they can show me round. FURTHERMORE, they’ve invited me to go along with them to Malmo tomorrow which is Sweden!

This is exactly how I wanted my first trip alone to be like. Meeting new people no matter where is one of the best feelings. Although if there is one thing I have discovered whilst being here is that it hurts how much I am like the stereotype of an English person.

Either way I’m incredibly happy and it’s a different kind of happiness to achievements like completing a degree or the happy feeling you get after the 2nd glass of wine. This is fantastic.


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