Day 3 of Copenhagen

LIES I actually barely spent any time in Copenhagen today. Instead I went to Malmo.

Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden. A city that I decided to go to 24 hours ago with people I met 48 hours ago. This was spontaneous and crazy but it was incredibly exciting and wonderful.

I went to Malmo with the girls from California who I have grown quite fond of. They’re hilarious and crazy which I find to be the best company possible. The train to Malmo took about 20 minutes from Copenhagen which was super quick considering we were travelling from one country to another! When we arrived we headed to the tourist information where the guy gave us a recommended route to take to see the best parts of the city. This, however, was a route which I’m not convinced was walkable (or even completely worth it). We spent about an hour attempting to find this “incredible view” of the bridge. But at this point the weather was very windy and the sky was looking overcast. The company was fun though and I don’t mind walking. Saw the cool twisty tower as well. The view was this:


Anyway so once we’d done that we decided to venture into the heart of Malmo. It was a very green city that had many beautiful buildings. We learned several Swedish terms as well as discover what I can only describe as the most high tech toilets ever. With coffee breaks galore and a splendid lunch as well as plenty of walking I can safely say that today’s trip to Malmo was fab.



This evening I went out for dinner with the girls and had a fantastic salmon dish which I’m pretty sure could have fed the 5,000. It was definitely a lot for this English girl.

What an end to the day though. I’m absolutely stuffed but I’m absolutely beyond content. Scandinavia presents friendly and warming people who have welcomed me into their part of the globe with open arms even though my Danish and Swedish is non-existent.

Off back to the UK tomorrow though. I hope to see a little more of Copenhagen and then will hit the airport and will get back to the joy that is London Luton airport. Dear god.


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