Day 4 of Copenhagen and graduation!

Well the last few days have been incredibly busy and today I’ve stood still so time for an update for yollmoll.

Last day of Copenhagen was fabulous. I wandered along the Nyhavn to find somewhere to have breakfast and I heard Frank Sinatra playing and decided that that would be the ideal place to eat (even though I hadn’t paid attention to the menu!). Food was spectacular and the weirdest combination. It was as if I had been given 4 European breakfasts on one plate.


Next, I went to see the popular Little Mermaid statue and the weather was perfect. I had a lovely walk and took photos aplenty of the statue. I also had a wander around the military area in the north of the city which was very beautiful.

11204968_10153030634903494_5342950078541691182_n 11742974_10153030633743494_3228247453679508780_n11665515_10153030634848494_2623335619285751774_n

Besides that I didn’t do much else as my flight was in the afternoon. My trip to Copenhagen was exactly what I needed – the opportunity to meet new people and to see more of the world. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and I’m so pleased that this was the spontaneous choice. So where to next? Well officially Ireland in August but who knows if I plan to run away again between now and then!

Yesterday I graduated from the University of Nottingham and it was a fantastic day. Although the day was emotional I managed to hold back the tears (which is impressive for me!) It was a really good way to end my time at the university, surrounded by people I love and drinking alcohol woooooo


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