Just checking in

Since graduating nothing super exciting has happened but that’s not to say I haven’t had a good week.

Catching up with one of my favourite sud buds and spending lots of time with the family have been the highlights of this week. Other aspects include watching lots of Friends on Comedy Central and Ally McBeal as well as lots of other telly…

Hanging out with my brother is something I always enjoy. Kieran, my little but not really little because he’s about 6ft, has autism. First of all, no, he doesn’t have a special skill but he has one of the biggest hearts. What I find extraordinary about him is that he is exactly what everyone wishes they could be. His honesty is something to be admired, he is not self-conscious and has absolutely no embarrassment whatsoever. He is not stressed by money or adulthood and quite frankly he has the best life.

He is pleased by his favourite television characters as well as going outside and doing sports. But one of my absolute favourite things about my little (but not really little) brother is the way he converses. He doesn’t chat about politics and if you’re sad he cares more about making you feel happy again than trying to find out why you’re sad (considering the hormonal being that I am I think it is a fantastic approach). He loves to chat about projects he does on the computer and quote his favourite lines from his favourite programmes (this has often led to hilarious moments).

Anyway I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with Kieran recently as he’s finished college and both of our parents are still working. Kieran and I went to see the Minions film today and he was great company. He always is great company. And why is that? Well without a shadow of a doubt he is my best friend.

This weekend we’re off to Latitude festival in Suffolk which will be so much fun. We went last year and we are so excited to go again. Had you said 10 years ago I would be attending music festivals with my autistic brother I would have laughed and said “no way that will happen!” but things are different now. Accessibility in music venues is growing and I bloody love it.

Suffolk isn’t well known for fantastic reception and chances are I will be without internet for several days(!) Will update when I get back 🙂


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