So Tuesday 25th-Friday 28th August I was in Brussels and I took my little cousin with me. 

First of all – taking a younger person on holiday can be a little stressful. I’m not going to lie about it. I wanted to make sure she got a good experience of having a semi-independent holiday and ultimately had a good time. I didn’t want to be a mum but then again I was essentially taking care of her as I’m 21 and she’s 14. 

So with this in mind I thought the best thing to do would be get the sight-seeing bus tour of Brussels. It’s a great way to see a city in a few days! We saw all the sights: the Atonium, European Parliament, Manneken Pis, Grand Place and many more! Additionally, the bus gave the opportunity to plug in headphones and listen to a guide.

I took the opportunity to have Brussels food as well! Frites, waffles and chocolate were GLORIOUS. 

I was grateful also for the company of some of my grandparents’ friends who took us out to dinner on the last night. They were so much fun and we ate some fantastic food. 

The Grand-Place at night looked spectacular!

  The Atomium was much bigger than I expected and looked fab! 

Unlike the Atomium, this guy was much smaller than I expected. 

 Went to a museum of fashion which I thoroughly enjoyed and hoped my cousin did too. The dresses were fantastic and some of the lacework I saw was amazing.

Now this made me laugh. Andre Disderi came up with the carte de visite, basically like a business card or calling card. People had their photos taken and presented themselves in a way they wanted to be seen as. The poses and outfits made me laugh but really this is early Instagram right?

Overall I loved Brussels and will definitely go back again, especially now I know how easy it is to get there!


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