Sleepy in Seattle

I thought that jet lag wouldn’t affect me because I thought I could sleep on the plane. WRONG. I slept barely an hour on the plane because I could not get comfortable for love nor money. I’ve never been on a long flight before so when I was greeted with decent meals and tea that wasn’t worth £3 I was delighted. I see now why people complain about Ryanair! My only complaint would be teasing us by making us walk through first class to get to our seat. That was just mean. 

Cheese tortellini, Greek salad, crackers and cheese AND chocolate mousse? This was a dream. 

I was okay for the first 6-7 hours. The entertainment provided was really good. I watched Inside Out and Man Up which were fab films. I then stated watching NCIS New Orleans and that’s when it went downhill. A little too corny for my liking haha

When I finally arrived in Seattle it was 3:30pm; I had left London at 1:30pm. Mentally I wasn’t sure what time it was. By the time I had found Jeanne and we had got to hers I greeted her family and said I was going for a nap and would be back for dinner. Who was I kidding? I woke up after a 6 hour nap. And then tried to sleep even longer. The next day still wasn’t right, the 8 hour difference was ruining me. Now I know jet lag is no easy matter. 

So what have I been up to in Washington state? I’ve seen a lot of landscape and countryside. I saw my first woodpecker, tasted some local seafood and been Mary Poppins. 

 Went and ate some local seafood with Jeanne and her daughter.

Can you see the woodpecker in the trees? He made such a racket. This was taken in Carkeek Park.

Mary Poppins eat your heart out. Jeanne’s granddaughter fell asleep on me. Sleepy in Seattle.

 One of the best things about this trip so far is speaking about my Granddad Peter with Jeanne. Getting to hear new stories about him and stories that he told have really put a smile on my face. The one that really made me laugh was that my Granddad tried to convince Jeanne that he was head of a tribe in Mongolia and they were expecting a visit from Dolly Parton because him and her were good friends. It really reminded me of a story he told me where he met Jane Fonda and apparently she really fancied him. 

I miss my Granddad Peter lots but what I really treasure about these stories is remembering him for the bizarre and wonderful person he was before he became very ill. 

The USA is fun and I’m turning heads not because of my good looks (haha) but my outrageously English accent. 

In Washington until Friday and then I’m off to San Francisco in California! 


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