Fee fi fo fum

They can smell the blood of an Englishman. 

When I tell people I’m from the UK they’re not surprised in the slightest. My voice gives me away big time and today when a lady asked whether I wanted “ball-saaaamic or raaaaanch salad” I repeated her and said “raaaaanch” then realised how silly I sounded and said “sorry I meant rarrrrnch. Saying raaaanch sounds wrong to me”. What a way to make friends with the locals. Thank goodness I could conjure up some of my English charm…

Yesterday I hit the city of Seattle! I went to the top of the space needle which gave fantastic views from all around the city. 

Afterwards I went onto Chihuly Gardens and Glass which is a much better name than what my host called it: the glass museum. That given title gave me a feeling of dread. The glass museum? I thought I was going to be walking into a weird place with old medicine bottles but in the end it couldn’t be further from it. 

Can you believe this is all made from glass!? It’s extraordinary. Furthermore, what made me love it even more was that there was no big philosophical or religious or political reasoning behind it. Chihuly even says he doesn’t like to think when he creates and let’s it come together naturally. This meant that when he did an installation in the year 2000 in Jerusalem over 1 million visitors from all kinds of backgrounds were able to enjoy his work. 

I would love to have some Chihuly of my own. They were even selling it in the gift shop! $7,000 for one of the shells was a bit steep for me so I bought a pack of 32 postcards for $12 instead. 
Big shout out to the friendly people of Seattle as well! Talked to a really friendly guy on the train and we exchanged recommendations of places to see. I was in his territory of Seattle and he wanted to know where to go for some good British countryside. One other guy started chatting because neither of us knew where the underground bus stop was. The guy really looked and sounded like Tom Hanks but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t (unless he was actually looking for Meg Ryan for Sleepless in Seattle the sequel).

Downtown was super cool. I quite like feeling small in a big city, I’m not sure why but I like the busyness and the activity of it all. I say all, I really didn’t like the activity of some of the alcoholics on the street..! 
Today was quite a different day. I went to the Frye Art Museum with Jeanne and got to see some Warhol pieces! 

Strictly no photos allowed to be taken inside! But basically I saw some of his Polaroids and a piece he did in which he got people to sit for a screening test for 4 minutes. These films weren’t used for auditions but it was interesteing how people’s faces reacted to just sitting still. 
Got one more day left in Washington state! Check in soon 🙂 



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