See ya Seattle, hello San Francisco!

I went to the Burke museum and I really liked it. Full of all kinds of collections, it was interesting to learn about other cultures on the Pacific Rim as well as what the planet was like millions of years ago.

Fossil from Burke Museum

Triceratops Head from Burke Museum

Musical instruments from Burke Museum

Statue from Burke Museum

Robe from Burke Museum

That evening I was treated to a bit of Seattle nightlife! Jeanne’s daughter, Jordan, and her partner, Jason, took me to 3 bars. The first had a lot of taxidermy which was bizarre – lots of ducks hanging from the ceiling and a giant moose head on the wall. We then went onto the next bar which had a cool atmosphere with interesting cups. (Sorry no picture so believe me when I say interesting cup haha) The final bar was a speakeasy (oooooh!) VERY NICE COCKTAILS.

What a lovely time I’ve had in Washington State. It’s been really nice to catch up with Jeanne especially since my granddad passing away in February. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of Jeanne’s family which has been fantastic as she’s met so much of mine. I was looked after so well by my new family from the other side of the Atlantic. I will definitely go back again.

Next stop: San Francisco. 

I was beyond excited to get to San Francisco but unfortunately it wasn’t the easiest trip getting to my hostel. BART is a nightmare. Fancy having to put a certain amount on card for the train rather than “can I buy a one way ticket from SFO to Montgomery St?”. Not only that but finding the bloody station in the first place was more difficult than it should have been. THEN, to top it all off the station was a 20 minute walk from the hostel and that 20 minute walk was all up hill with a large suitcase. When I arrived at the hostel I was shattered to then find the place had looked like it hadn’t been decorated since the 1970s. The receptionist told me I had a top bunk bed. Could this get any worse?

I was overwhelmed and quite emotional.

Thankfully, two guys came into my hostel room and they were from the UK. Ah familiarity! They were here on a road trip and were heading to Las Vegas in a few days. Made friends with them by letting them use my phone to call the bank in the UK as my calls were free (cheers 3, I bloody love you). We headed out for a drink and went to se Fisherman’s wharf which was a superb view.

Fishermans Wharf on day 1 in San Fran

They were both jetlagged and I was exhausted from travelling so we all had an early night. I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for an appearance of two 27-year-old guys who like to drink and “get into fights on nights out” to appear in my hostel room when they did.


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