Copenhagen meets California

I started writing this blog in June when I found myself in a bit of despair. I had booked this USA trip but knowing that was months away I booked a trip to Copenhagen – a completely spontaneous decision. There, I made friends with two girls from California, coincidentally, the place that I had already planned to go to. Without them knowing it, these two girls (Kayla and Chloe) picked me back up from feeling sad that my time at university was over.

So how happy was I to see them again? Immensely. We made plans to go to the baseball game on Saturday evening and so I had the day to discover a bit of San Francisco beforehand.

I spent the day mainly wandering. I had lunch near Union Square and ended up getting on a cable car.

Cable Car
Cable Car!

Spontaneity is all well and good but I got on a cable car and I had no idea where it was heading. I got off at ‘Lombard Street’ which the name (at that time) had no relevance to me.

Lombard Street
So apparently this is Lombard Street.

AH THAT WINDY STREET. Okay so I learned the windy street is Lombard Street. The place was bizarre. There are traffic wardens for the pedestrian tourists and the driver tourists. Pedestrian tourists were running in the middle of the road in hope of getting a good photo to #LombardStreet (I didn’t risk my life but did ashamedly #LombardStreet on my Instagram…). Driver tourists were people I highly admire / think they’re crazy. I hate driving at the best of times but this looked a bit hellish to me.

I walked from here to outside the Ferry building where I was to meet Kayla, Chloe and their friend Sophie. It was so great to see them again so soon after meeting them in Copenhagen and what the weirdest coincidence it was that I had already planned my trip to San Francisco before I ever met them.

We had dinner and headed onto the baseball. I couldn’t have been more touristy if I had tried. I couldn’t stop saying “Wow” and “Oh my god this is so cool”.

Great view of the baseball!

The game lasts about 3 hours and there’s tons of entertainment around this as well. We had seats at the back which meant we could all chat and still hear each other. AND the San Francisco Giants won 8-0!

4 at the baseball
Me, Kayla, Sophie and Chloe after the game. A drunk Brit said he took “like a million” photos. This was the only one. Cheers mate ha
Kayla, me and Chloe at the baseball

After the baseball we headed back to Sophie’s and started on the alcohol. There’s nothing I love more than spontaneous nights out. We then hit a bar down the road. I met a lot of people the girls went to college with and received several interesting comments. One guy told me about how he went to Suffolk every year which was fab. We were having delightful conversation until I asked “So what would you recommend I see in San Francisco?” to which he replied “Well I don’t know what you want to see but I would like to invite you to see my apartment.” How about no. I answered and said “I don’t want to see that, I want to see Golden Gate Bridge and stuff like that…” Somebody else heard me talking and came over and said “Someone auditioning for Harry Potter over here?” The lines being used were something else. Kayla at one point ran and took a hot dog from a dodgy hot dog stand which when I still think about today makes me laugh. What a hilarious evening.

Sunday was a day you could not have predicted. Originally, Kayla, Chloe and I were going to go to Sonoma for wine tasting but due to the large fires in California we decided not to venture out that way. We then planned a day in Saulsalito but that went down the drain because Kayla’s car battery died. A simple procedure not made simple by Larry’s towing. The guy lost Kayla’s keys and what should have been a simple “here’s a new battery” turned into a 5 hour ordeal in a dodgy area of San Francisco. The guys at the garage were comparing blades between actually working. Thankfully, us 3 can laugh about it now but at the time it was the weirdest scenario ever.

I was so pleased to see these two again and to meet Sophie. She was so lovely and one of the best hosts in the world. (a sofa bed in a lovely house in San Francisco beats the hostel room for one night hands down.) I hope to see them all again very soon. 🙂


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