Travelling on your own is fantastic but sometimes it’s quite nice to enjoy it with an old friend.

I met Alicia at sixth form when we were 17. Absolutely hilarious and one of the best friends you could ever ask for. We had discussed travelling a little but never put anything into action. So I took the spontaneous route. Skyscanner. What’s cheapest and most doable? Oslo. I mean why not? I hear weather in Oslo in December is a delight.

It was so cold. After spending a while trying to find each other at the Oslo Bussterminal we headed to the hostel. Anker Hostel looked so much better than it did on hostelworld!

Entering the hostel room for the first time is an apprehensive but equally exciting time. However, I was not expecting to open the door and discover an elderly lady lounging around in her knickers. What a sight. I went to the toilet the minute we got in and the lady tutted at Alicia because I left my suitcase on the table. My god were we in for a treat with this roommate.

Friday night we went out for dinner. I was starving and consciously didn’t look at pricing of meals. Are you joking Oslo? You’re a marvellous bunch but 25NOK for a Mars Bar? So I went all out and ordered a lobster. Never eaten one before but Alicia promised she would coach me through the experience. It was a mess. There were legs flying everywhere and I was causing an embarrassment. Alicia had reindeer steak which she had never had before and enjoyed it. Great food, thanks Da Vinci restaurant!

Lobster time

Saturday morning, Alicia and I wander into what I can only describe as a ghost town. There was not a soul in Oslo at 10:30am. I don’t know if this was an Oslo thing? I mean I don’t blame you if it is, the place was bloody freezing. Alicia and I went on a Fjord cruise. I’ve always wanted to see them and could not have had a better opportunity to see them with the short space of time we had.

Extra cold on shipAwwwCold on shipMore FjordsFjordsFjord wahey

The plan for the afternoon was to do a bus tour as both Alicia and I are super keen on seeing cities by bus. We did not expect the bus tours to not be operating as the season ended in September. SEPTEMBER. I have yet to have been somewhere where the tour buses weren’t running due to OUT OF SEASON.

So we wandered around Oslo instead. Had a sneak peak in the Nobel Peace Prize Museum which was cool. One of my favourite bits about Oslo in December was the Christmas markets. I give it to you Oslo, you do a marvellous job. It was so good that I didn’t take any photos so you’ll just have to believe me.

We took the tram and went to the Vigeland park. Again Oslo, you do statue parks really well. I was really impressed with the detail and the amount of statues they were. Of course, I was with Alicia and we’re both 12 year olds at heart with incredibly immature minds so we thought the willy statues were funny.

Oh hey

In the evening we headed back to the hostel room and managed to have some form of social interaction with some hostel people (thank the lord). We met two people from London who were visiting Oslo as a small weekend trip like us. So there was us 4 having a magnificent time but unfortunately this meant we made foes with the 4 other people who were trying to sleep at 8pm. 8pm. One lady got massively passive aggressive on us and another one screamed at us in French of which I only understood the word ‘dormir’ so we left the room and went downstairs. It was so lovely to chat to them and we had a fab evening.

Next day I had to leave at midday to catch my flight so didn’t get to do a whole lot that day. The elderly lady did try to communicate with us. I didn’t speak Russian and she didn’t speak English. She asked for my email address and I gave it to her. She turned out to be pretty sweet but I haven’t received an email yet 😥

But Oslo, thank you very much for a wonderful weekend. Alicia and I really enjoyed it and moreover, you made us realise we make excellent travelling companions.

Mol + Oslo + love = Moslove



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