Turns out my spontaneous travelling nature is spreading and everyone is jumping on board. This time, Barcelona! And this time, with the family.

My parents had been to Barcelona while my brother was on a supported holiday in Provence and they were eager for us all to enjoy it together. I had been to Barcelona on a music society tour but I was really excited to enjoy the city with my family.

Early flight and we were in Barcelona by late morning. The apartment we stayed in was at the end of a 98-stair staircase but it was beautiful. Pizza for lunch and back to the apartment to chill out a bit. Chilling out became a 2 hour nap because I’m not built for 7:30am flights.

Dinner we went for tapas. Absolutely lovely place and I wish I could remember the name of the place or the location! Thanks to the lovely waiter for a fun-filled evening and the restaurant altogether for the food and for creating ham and cheese sandwiches on demand for my bro. I tried octopus for the first time which was tasty. Bit spooked when one of the suckers floated towards the front of my mouth though haha

Ham and cheese sandwich
Kieran on ham and cheese sandwich number 2

Saturday we hit the sight seeing. First stop: Sagrada Familia. I’ve been before but not to the top and honestly I don’t think it matters how many times you see the Sagrada Familia you will always be blown away by the enormity and magnificence of it.

SFSagrada familiaView from SFKieran and I

Then onto the city tour bus to Park Guell!

Love a bus tour
Can’t beat a tour bus and unlike Oslo, Barcelona is always in season for bus time yay

I didn’t get to go to Park Guell last time I came to Barcelona so I was really looking forward to seeing it.

Park Guellwooo

Very weird and wonderful architecture.

In the evening Mum, Kieran and I carried on with the sight seeing bus while Dad went to the football. We met up later and checked out the fountains. Excellent work Barcelona, you do fountains very well.


Sunday was chilled. We had a brief walk around the Christmas market and witnessed many unusual things being sold. The one that got me the most was the sheer volume of logs dressed up being sold. These logs are called tio de Nadal. Apparently, children give the tio a little bit to eat every night and usually cover him with a blanket so that he will not be cold. Over the month of December, children take care of the log by keeping it warm and feeding it, so that it will poo presents on Christmas Day. There’s even a song that goes with the tradition:

Caga tió, caga torró,
avellanes i mató,
si no cagues bé
et daré un cop de bastó.
caga tió!”

Which I believe translates as something like:

shit, log,
shit nougats (turrón),
hazelnuts and mato cheese,
If you don’t shit well,
I’ll hit you with a stick,
shit, log!


You literally couldn’t make this shit up.

And yes, we did get our own Tio de Nadal. 

Cheers Barcelona for the lovely time. You have stuffed me to the brim with delicious food, look after logs in order to get treats and your architecture is out of this world. You weird and wonderful lot, I will return soon.


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