Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

My, hasn’t this been a rollercoaster of a year!? I always knew it would be somewhat of a bumpy ride but I didn’t think it would be this bumpy. In some respects I would argue this has been the worst year but then on more reflection it’s been the best. I have learned so much.

First of all, people do leave us and while it’s hard you have to pick yourself up and move on. I think I’ve now reached a point where I can be so glad and thankful for the times I have shared with my Granddad Peter and less sad that he’s gone. He’ll be glad about that. He told me to stop being so miserable. I’m not religious or anything like that – neither was he – but I do think he knows what’s going on right now and that’s he’s “proud but not surprised” by all of us. Family is the greatest. 

Granddad Peter

Secondly, sometimes being on your own is good. For the love of anything (but technically also nothing) it’s okay to do something on your own. Sure, booking a trip to Copenhagen the day after I left university was mad but it completely shaped me. Now you can’t stop me. Since travelling to Denmark on my own I’ve done the U.S and Portugal. I’ve met some incredible people from all across the globe and experienced things I never thought I would.  

 Thirdly, time to quit the bullshit. This year I’ve managed to shake off quite a bit of one of the small town syndrome symptoms: bitching. I mean don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I’m a saint now, I do still love a bit of gossip but I’m much more honest. In Seattle I met Jeanne’s daughter Renee who said that when she met me I seemed “real” and that is probably the best compliment I’ve ever received. Keep it real guys. (And also pass me a bucket, I feel sick from all this righteous writing bleurgh but it’s NYE so you have to forgive me) 

Finally, heartbreak, stress and worry are all temporary if you let them be. In the past I used to change my hair in order to get a real sense of moving on, this did lead to me getting a perm at 18 but let’s not divulge haha! Now, maybe a short trip to a European city will do the trick and some Taylor swift too. To all my friends who thought that I was insane during March-June time for the incessant need to keep having my heart broken, thank you for sticking by me. I do realise how silly I was but I had to go through it in order to get the picture. You’re all far wiser than I am 😎


So to 2016. I want less crazy drama but more excitement and spontaneity (and maybe a really cool boyfriend idk). I kick off the new year at a placement in London assisting with an accessible performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is incredibly exciting. Then, who knows? Will keep you posted. 

Until then, yolo molo and all that. 💛



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