And indeed it was. Italy has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember so when given the opportunity to go on a little trip with an old friend of mine Venice seemed perfect.

We were only in Venice Monday-Wednesday so had to try and see as much of the place as possible. Not only that, but had to try and eat as much as possible. Italian cuisine is my absolute favourite and so trying to think of everything I wanted to try in Venice was a little stressful! In this blog I mainly talk about food so get ready. I’ve also included some tips for those that may be going to Venice for the first time soon!



Tia and I flew from Stansted airport to Venice Treviso. It’s cheap but if you’re planning this route do look up how far away Treviso is from actual Venice. Ryanair are cheap which is great but if you have no time then consider going to Marco Polo instead. Our journey from the airport to our accommodation was as long as the flight! Another tip: if you are on the Ryanair flight to Venice Treviso and they offer you coach tickets for 18 euros then buy them. At the airport they will charge 22 euros.

Arrived on the island and bought a 2 day ferry (vaporetto) pass. Knowing that we were staying on the island of Giudecca meant that if we wanted to see the main part of Venice we would have to catch a vaporetto/ferry at least twice a day. 30 euros for a 2 day pass or 7.50 each way. Do the maths, get the ferry pass.

We were staying at the Generator Hostel on Giudecca and what a fab hostel it was! Definitely recommend it as a cheap and lovely place to stay. It’s close to the Zitelle ferry stop which is a bonus.

So for dinner? What to have!? PIZZA.

Tia with pizza! I had the same and then we drank loads of Merlot. Lovely.

Having stuffed our faces with delicious pizza we headed back to the hostel and enjoyed the evening with a few drinks and met other travellers.



Plan of action? To eat everything. This meant the itinerary of the day was very chilled. First, St Mark’s square. What was all the fuss about? Well, it is quite a magnificent square and I’m very vulnerable to beautiful squares in Europe but this one was a little ridiculous. With prices verging on insulting and queues for the Basilica reaching back towards the water it was a bit overrated dare I say. The stranger thing was that because the prices of sitting at one of the cafes was so extortionate the tables were completely empty which was just absurd. I would have loved to seen inside the Basilica as I studied Gabrieli’s In Ecclesiis at A level so seeing the space would have been cool but I’m not really into queuing..!

St Mark’s Basilica

Tia and I got far away from St Mark’s square to avoid tourists but acted like ones anyway, but how can you not!? Venice is stunning. I also think it’s shock and surprise too. Everyone has seen pictures of Venice but you can’t quite believe it looks real. So when we saw it with our eyes we couldn’t stop saying “wow” and “this is insane, we’re actually in Venice and it actually looks like this”. #touristsRus



Lunch time! Tia spotted this cool little place that served spaghetti TO GO. Had my dreams come true? They bloody had. Pesto spaghetti TO GO is the dream.

Spaghetti counter. Loads of different flavours and toppings. Only 5 euros!
Pesto with the besto view


Then time for GELATO.


Dinner time! Both Tia and I really liked the Grand Canal and were desperate for some seafood. Ordered wine and complementary glasses of Bellini showed up. Lovely jubbly. Tia ordered a seafood pasta while I ordered fried shrimp. Thing is, when it comes to seafood I’m only thinking about my stomach but not the actual logistics of tackling seafood. Messy business and while it was tasty I did envy Tia’s seafood pasta a little!

Tiramisu for dessert which was beautiful. It was lovely to appreciate Tiramisu again because at university whilst living in catered halls we were given the most disgusting version you could imagine.


Foodsday was super but Tia and I had been walking around Venice for 10 hours or so and we were knackered. Knowing Wednesday was going to be a long day we had an early night and chatted to the other girls in our hostel room.


This was a super weird day and I felt guilty about the feeling I had. The feeling like I had seen Venice from the day before. We didn’t have time on Wednesday to go to islands like Murano (and disappointingly the only day the glass factory is closed is Wednesdays!) and so we spent the morning wandering once more. Still a few things to tick off the food bucket list so we stopped at this little cafe where the seats looked like thrones and had a lovely mid-morning snack.


Tia had a chocolate cannoli and a latte. I had orange juice and queen green olives. And I’m not going to lie here but these were the best olives I’ve ever tasted. Delighted.

I spent some time trying to purposefully find somewhere new to see because I didn’t want to repeat Tuesday. We found this bridge with an incredible view!


The path then led us to an enchanting little square where a man was playing some beautiful tunes on wine glasses!


The music man was outside a cafe that had tortellini on the menu so we had to go in. It was a small portion and I could have eaten more but I don’t know my own limits when it comes to cheese.


Honestly, I think Tia and I were knackered still from the day before. Our hostel roomate had an alarm going off at 6am and we had to check out at 10am. With our flight at 10:40pm the idea of walking any more was exhausting. We headed back to the hostel and chilled in the cafe.


Want proof about how tired I was? I actually said to Tia how frustrating it was that they gave me a teapot of water, one tea bag and one cup which meant I had to brew my tea every time I topped up my cup. She looked at me and said “why didn’t you put the teabag in the teapot?” I was so beyond tired that I even got brewing tea wrong.

View from the vaporetto

The trip from the vaporetto to the coach station was gorgeous. We got a fantastic view of Venice while the sun is going down and Tia is a photographer so she managed to get some excellent shots whereas me on my little iPhone, not so much!

Cheers Venice for an amazing time! Tia and I loved it.

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My photos are okay but please check out Tia’s photography on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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