Goodnight, Vienna

To put into words about how excited I was for this trip would be difficult. Austria has been on the bucket list for some time and as I’ve studied music for the majority of my life it’s quite thrilling to see the places in real life where poignant musical moments occurred.

Wednesday night I arrive at the hostel and bump into the music society from my old university. It was bizarre to see them but equally delightful. In the evening I had a pizza and chatted to a girl from Hertfordshire in the UK. It’s very weird to ever meet Europeans when I’m travelling in hostels never mind somebody from the UK. That night, I joined the music society and headed to a karaoke bar. The drinks were mighty expensive but the atmosphere was brilliant, I had a fab time!

Thursday I started the day with a walking tour. This was the first walking tour I’ve ever been on and in the moment whilst walking it dawned on me that I’ve been doing travelling wrong this entire time. Walking tours are free and in between the tour guide talking you chat and meet other travellers! I made friends with 3 guys on the tour all of whom were studying abroad in Brussels. Ian (from Pennsylvania), Adrian and Maff (both from Mexico). Managed to charm my way into the group with my delightful accent haha

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For lunch we headed to a small restaurant round the corner from Stephenplatz which began the day of drinking. I don’t eat red meat so reading the menu became a process of elimination! From there, we walked to a park and enjoyed a few beers whilst exchanging stories or criticising the English language or just doing Donald Trump impressions. The sun was shining and I was very happy.



After then, we headed to the Votkivriche and watched a concert performed by the music society orchestra and choir. I was already warned in advance of the last two choral pieces being a tearjerker and so therefore warned the new mateys that I was definitely going to cry. But actually, they all really enjoyed it. I was delighted that I didn’t drag them along to something they would hate!

Mussoc concert.jpg

At night we walked back to the hostel and drank and drank some more. Who knew I could put away so much Austrian beer? I started to feel sleepy and noticed the time was 3am. I didn’t sleep much that night!

Friday I walked to the art gallery and noticed the pricing to enter and decided against actually going inside. I’m sure it’s fantastic and I would love to see Klimt’s The Kiss but this may be one of the first times I’ve travelled and have had to watch my spending. The gardens around the gallery are gorgeous so enjoyed the walk anyway.

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I met up with the new mateys from the day before and spent time at an Austrian coffee house. Baring with the hangover I decided that tea with rum was the best option at this point which then influenced everyone else to have alcohol too. We were so wise.

In the afternoon the heavens opened and the options for things to see cheaply and indoors began to fall. We stumbled across the opera house and with guided tours only being 3 euros it was too good to resist. I love an arts venue at the best of times but the Vienna opera house was magnificent. Much cheaper to go to the opera in Vienna than it is at the Royal Opera House in London that’s for sure.

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After the opera house tour we headed back to the hostel for goodbyes. The new mateys were heading to Prague and it was sad to see them go.

Haus der Musik was really cool though, it was very interactive and informative. I recommend it as a place to visit for anybody! Families, in particular, will really enjoy it.

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After Haus der Musik I went to a coffee house and had some apple strudel and ice tea to chill out for a bit. I then was on my way back to the hostel when I came across the opera house once again. In Vienna, they broadcast a live feed of the opera every night which is incredible! Unfortunately, it was very rainy so I only managed to watch 20 minutes of Janacek’s ‘The Cunning Vixen’.


Back the hostel I was pretty exhausted and my roommates we’re chatting about chamomile tea and laundry which sent me off to sleep nicely.

Vienna was brilliant but due to weather there were definitely things I missed so I would love to go back when the sun is shining!

Saturday I got on the train to Salzburg (the most underwhelming train journey ever). Read the Salzburg post to learn about everything I did there!


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