Mad Rainy in Madrid

I booked flights and accommodation to Madrid before I went to Austria because the idea of returning from Austria without a next adventure seemed frightening(!)

However, the day before going to Madrid I get a migraine on my way to work in London. I felt hideous and the temptation to not go to Madrid at all was high. The weather was going to be worse than London (which is unheard of) and migraines are the worst. But, there was one very exciting thing that was going to happen on my trip.

In my Salzburg post I mentioned I met a guy called Anthony, well, since we met we’ve been chatting every single day. The cynic in me has wondered how crazy things have gotten for me to want to get involved with somebody who lives on the other side of the world. In all honesty though, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. He’s a fantastic guy and when he asked me “What weekends are you free between now and May 20th?”, which is when his internship in Germany ends, my reply was “I’m not free any weekends sadly but I’m in Madrid 6-9 May”. His response? “I’m booking flights to Madrid.”

WHAT A BEAUTY. (He will hate me for putting this up..!)

So on my way to Madrid. I had one day there before Anthony arrived so went with the flow. I stayed at Barbieri International Hostel which was your typical average hostel. I think my problem is that I’ve stayed in the most fantastic hostels so when I come across an average one I think it’s a little crap when really it’s not. Free breakfast, hot water and an okay bed. What more could you want?

I met 4 girls at the hostel all studying at a language school in Spain. 3 from Germany and 1 from the Philippines. Very intelligent lot who all kindly spoke to me in English (I really hate being mono-lingual). They invited me out to tapas and beers. Hooray! It was going super well until my migraine hangover started to kick in at which point I had to dash outside and throw my guts up. I really do know how to make a good first impression..! One of the girls was so sweet and walked me back. I was very upset by this point and got an early night’s sleep in hope I would recover.

Saturday I woke up feeling much better and the girls from the night before didn’t think I was too gross to still ask me if I wanted to join them on a walking tour. We were taken on a tour by Leaf Madrid. The tour took us around some really cool bits of Madrid!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Half way through the tour we were given a 10 minute break. Knowing I had to check in for the airbnb by 1:30 and meet Anthony at the airport at 2:30 I thought I could quickly check in for the airbnb, do the rest of the tour and then dash over to the airport.

By optimism was ridiculous. I got the wrong street for the airbnb which resulted in some guy called Wizzy from Geneva trying to chat me up (or sell me drugs) and me not being able to finish the tour. I felt incredibly guilty as I had no contact details for anyone on the tour so it just looked like I didn’t bother showing up again.

So, I finally checked into the airbnb and headed to the airport. HOW BLOODY NERVOUS WAS I? I know Anthony and I got on really well but I thought if for some reason we were both in the same place and discovered we hated each other we were in for a very few awkward days.

This wasn’t the case at all. It was hardly a welcoming from the movies but it was delightful nonetheless! That evening we went for tapas and drinks!

This is Anthony eating a fork. Not really, but he did say eats almost anything(!)


Sunday. Well oh well Sunday had the most disastrous weather. It rained all day. Thankfully, good old Madrid had plenty of indoor options for us to enjoy. San Miguel market was fantastic – very similar to the one in Barcelona. Lots of fantastic food and drinks on offer. We tucked in to some Sangria and churros.


Other indoor options? Galleries! I love a gallery. We went to Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in the afternoon which displayed works by all kinds of Spanish artists including your big guys Picasso, Dali and Miro.

The photo that shouldn’t have been taken but the cat was cool. No flash was used so I think the painting will live…
Picasso painting. I have forgotten the name of the painting but the context is a mother holding her dead child. Really dramatic work!
Look familiar? Sketch of Picasso’s “Weeping Woman” 
Because Anthony and I (and apparently the rest of the gallery) are super immature everyone couldn’t stop talking about Dali’s “The Masturbator”
No photos allowed of the real “Guernica” but there were loads of really cool sketches of it! Picasso is awesome. 

What a fantastic space and because it was a Sunday we got to go in for free!

That evening Anthony and I headed back to the Airbnb with a bottle of wine and spent a few hours playing top trumps and Dobble. I KNOW YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS OF HOW ROMANTIC WE ARE but seriously you should be because it was awesome.

Monday was the final day. Admittedly I didn’t want our time to end and being the soppy git I am I did cry on Sunday night about us having to part ways the next day. I did have to hold back tears the entire time on Monday which was difficult!

In the morning we grabbed some breakfast and went on a small walk. Of course the rain continued but that didn’t stop us!


Off to the airport to say goodbye. Of course I cried but Anthony was super sweet and said “Don’t be upset, we will see each other again.” This is true and I congratulate him on his outstanding effort but I hate goodbyes and cried anyway!

In terms of the city of Madrid I can say I fully recommend the place but I don’t think I’ve seen enough of it. The weather was ridiculous. I really wanted to check out the palaces and the parks so will have to go back and check that out.

On the other hand I can now tell the world I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. And he’s an international one at that. Currently in the process of organising the next time we see each other so stay tuned – looks like more international travelling for me in the future!



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