Molly G at 23

23 is a little bit of an ugly number but I do feel a little more like a responsible adult with that number as my age. “Hello, I’m Molly and I’M 23!” At least the Taylor Swift singing of that song has reduced now.

I sincerely apologise also for the absolute delay in posting this. I’ve now been 23 for over 2 months but exciting things have been happening which you will read about in 2018 if I take this long to post stuff(!)

The year of 22 (even though it was my 23rd year on the planet but anyway) was quite extraordinary. I tried to create a comma type list of what I have achieved but who doesn’t love a bullet point job? And this bullet pointing will save you having to read thousands of words of blogs I have written in the past year so read on!

At 22 I:

  • Got myself employed (TWICE which is quite remarkable – that’s two jobs at the same time, I’m not that flaky. It also included co-ordinating a relaxed performance!)
  • Started dating (like actual grown ups do)
  • Visited Salzburg and all of the Sound of Music places which had been a big thing on the bucket list
  • Had a go at a LDR(!)
  • Discovered my love for BBC Radio 2 (this is important, I am a grown up now after all)
  • Learned how to make jaffa cakes and tiramisu
  • Visited SO many amazing places and met some incredible people.
  • Came to terms with how much I love Europe

I’d say this has been a fairly good year. I feel I have had my head screwed on a little more than I did in the year of 21. I’ve also discovered I love working and that a break from studying has been really good for me. And while 23 isn’t an exciting number I feel like I can take on almost anything (now pass the bucket, 23 is making me soppier than ever before. But hey, yolo).


(Apparently now I’m 23 and I write in brackets a lot? I’ve just noticed this when reading it back. I hope this doesn’t develop into some kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation)


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