Dubrovnik, Croatia, down the coast of Dalmatia

I wonder if it’s the fact that I hadn’t uploaded photos onto WordPress which would explain my long absence of writing blogs. Equally, a lot has been going on and often with writing it involves trying to find the right time and mood to do it. Before I explain what’s happening right now let’s do a bit of catching up, starting with October 2016!

I went to Dubrovnik in Croatia with Kieran, my Mum and my Grandparents. I’m the add-on to this team as they go on this trip every October in the half term and have been doing so for several years now. I have been to Dubrovnik before but I was looking forward to some family time and a break in a gorgeous city by the coast.

6am flights are not my cup of tea and to cope with this I had thousands of cups of tea hoping I might become the cup of tea that 6am flights could go with. As I was an add-on I flew separately from the team (by the way I am calling them this now as listing their names is terribly tiresome!). I got a coach into the centre as there wasn’t enough room in the taxi for me. This also meant a monumental amount of stairs to climb but with the reward of stunning views!

The team arrived and after a nap (because I can’t handle early starts) we headed for the old town. The only complaint people ever have of Dubrovnik is overcrowding due to cruise ship making pit stops at the port of Dubrovnik. I can safely say that the time to this lovely town is October. Streets are quieter and the cruises start to die down. This means you have more time to have a look at weird stuff like this:


The team have their set routines on the holiday and as the add-on I fully respect the routine. After all, I have grown up with somebody who largely relies on routine and routine on holiday calls for ice-cream EVERY night. Every night, at night-time, specifically when the sky is dark: vanilla ice-cream. And routine has reward as the ice-cream shop remembers the team from last year and insists on free ice creams all round. This didn’t just happen once on this trip but several times, despite my Granddad trying to force money into the ice-cream man’s hands!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 

As it was so long ago I can’t entirely account for what happened on each day but I can say for sure that we did a lot of wandering around the old town and discussed which one of the boats we would like the most. We ate lots too and I participated in a lot of red wine drinking with my grandparents. Not a bad way to holiday!

I’ve always been slightly amazed at my brother’s connection with animals. I’ve seen him catch fish with his bare hands and catch butterflies and release them without causing any harm. So when I saw a lizard, I wasn’t sure what to do and I knew would Kieran came to the rescue!

Dubrovnik at night is so gorgeous! October boasts the perfect temperature in Dubrovnik. It’s not too hot and not too cold. And, the skies are always gorgeous!

Although I can’t be sure what happened exactly on each day I can say that on my last full day in Dubrovnik we did a cruise! A boat trip that toured the islands around Dubrovnik. The cruise went to 3 islands and in between the islands we were served lunch which was great!

The islands were lovely and I felt so relaxed. We had an hour or so on the final island so Kieran took the opportunity to go for a quick swim. I paddled in the water but don’t be fooled by the sunshine, the water was very cold!

I had to leave Dubrovnik earlier than everyone else because working is important too. I did love going away though and felt that the sun, family time and ice cream was good for me. I know Dubrovnik will be somewhere I go again because there’s every chance I’ll be an add-on to the team again but I may consider a day trip to Montenegro next time… We;ll just have to wait and see!



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