But in the best way! So this is a short blog post just to let you all know that I basically got the dream job. I volunteered at Mousetrap Theatre Projects in January supporting the relaxed performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a couple of weeks ago I was offered a part time … More Mousetrapped

Salzburg-ket list

And so, the moment had finally arrived. After years of mentioning how much I would love to go to Salzburg, I made it! Just to warn you, this is the biggest blog post to date and I’ve struggled to write essays for university this long haha Saturday I arrived at the hostel after the shortest journey … More Salzburg-ket list

Goodnight, Vienna

To put into words about how excited I was for this trip would be difficult. Austria has been on the bucket list for some time and as I’ve studied music for the majority of my life it’s quite thrilling to see the places in real life where poignant musical moments occurred. Wednesday night I arrive … More Goodnight, Vienna


And indeed it was. Italy has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember so when given the opportunity to go on a little trip with an old friend of mine Venice seemed perfect. We were only in Venice Monday-Wednesday so had to try and see as much of the place … More V NICE

New bean 2016

How terrible have I been with updating my life?! Well, the past couple of months have been eventful to say the least and all in a good way. 01/16 January saw me volunteering at an organisation called Mousetrap Theatre Projects in London. Here, I supported the work of the relaxed performance of Charlie and the … More New bean 2016

Dear 2015

Dear 2015, My, hasn’t this been a rollercoaster of a year!? I always knew it would be somewhat of a bumpy ride but I didn’t think it would be this bumpy. In some respects I would argue this has been the worst year but then on more reflection it’s been the best. I have learned so … More Dear 2015


Turns out my spontaneous travelling nature is spreading and everyone is jumping on board. This time, Barcelona! And this time, with the family. My parents had been to Barcelona while my brother was on a supported holiday in Provence and they were eager for us all to enjoy it together. I had been to Barcelona … More Barce-not-a-lona


Travelling on your own is fantastic but sometimes it’s quite nice to enjoy it with an old friend. I met Alicia at sixth form when we were 17. Absolutely hilarious and one of the best friends you could ever ask for. We had discussed travelling a little but never put anything into action. So I … More Moslove